Alternate Name(s): Food Safe

Wood and wire mesh meat safe.

Meat safes or food safes are containers used principally to keep food safe (from flies and other pests), clean and cool. They have been used to store perishable foodstuffs for centuries, and are still made and used today. Whether homemade or manufactured, their construction is simple: it consists of a frame made of metal or wood, with wire mesh panels. Meat / food safes vary in size from portable cages that can be hung, to fixed items of kitchen or pantry furniture. They are usually placed in a well ventilated area to allow for air flow, ensuring the produce is kept cool.

The source of this example is unknown, but it is likely to have been made in the early 20th century.

Physical Description

A wood and wire mesh meat safe. Wooden frame construction with a solid panel top, double doors, with four legs. FRONT: 2 doors, opening in the middle. HANDLE - button knob, middle left of right door. Wooden beading far left of right hand door providing catch for left hand door. BACK: single panel, nailed to frame. INTERIOR: 2 fixed width shelves. Left door held in place with hook and eye to top shelf.

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