Alternate Name(s): Rotary Ironer

Electric rotary ironer, Oprim, cream, bench top. It was made by Aircraft and General Engineering Co. Ltd., Edgware, circa 1950. Patents for this iron were applied for in 1949 and 1950, thus providing a date of manufacture.

Physical Description

An electric, cream, bench top, rotary iron. TOP: cylindrical, cream covered 'board'. Lever with black spherical knob at right, controls movement of iron. Iron: long curved, ream enamelled arm over silver metal heating plate. BASE: Waisted, rounded rectangular foot, cream enamel on 3 red, rubber feet (4th missing). Painted company name across centre. Arm attached front left, with control dial and electrical motor. FRONT: control dial, white. SIDES: Right: upper right, motor unit in ovoid cylinder. Lower right, disc with product information applied. BACK: 2 electrical cables from back of arm - 1 to power supply, 1 to back of iron. Socket on iron at left.

More Information

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  • Manufacturer

    Aircraft & General Engineering Co Ltd, 1950
    Latest patent application date on object.

  • Inscriptions

    BASE: "Oprim (in script)/ REGD" FRONT: moulded on outer rim of dial "OFF FULL 4 3 2 1 ON"; on inner rim "SIMMERSTAT/ TRADE MARK". SIDES: on disk "OPRIM/ POWER ROTARY IRONING MACHINE/ AIRCRAFT & GEN. ENG. CO LTD/ EDGWARE/ PROV. PAT. NO/ 3048/1949 3049/1949 / 1461/1950 / AUSTRALIAN PAT./ APPLICATION/ NOS. / 32200 / 32213/ TOTAL LOADING 1,100 WATTS/ FOR USE ON/ A/C 230/50 V. 40/60 CYCLES" BACK: on power supply plug "CLIPSAL"; on plug to iron "Goltone" (in script).

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    Domestic life, Laundering - ironing, Appliances - electric

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    History & Technology

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  • Object Measurements

    32.5 cm (Length), 63 cm (Width), 30 cm (Height)

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    Ironing, Irons, Housework