Souvenir guide to the 'Made In Australia Exhibition, held at the Melbourne Exhibition Buildings, 16 October - 1 November 1952

Physical Description

Soft cover book contains advertisements for Industries, and Exhibition Stands. Black and white advertisements and text throughout book. Cover is blue, red and white, with a image of the world in the shape of a cog, and a giant flag pole pointing to Melbourne, Victoria. Made in Australia Exhibition October 16th to November 1st at the Exhibition Building, Official Souvenir and Guide, Proceeds to Queen Victoria Hospital. Contents: The Made in Australia Council by H.H. Trinnick Chairman, Australian Made-Your Responsibility buy J.C. Harkness, Development of Australian Industry, Alphabetical List of Exhibitors, Programme for Film Theatre, Guide to Visitors and Special Features, Plan Of Exhibition, Descriptions of Exhibits, Special Feature- The Made in Australia Council Exhibit. Also includes Advertisements by: Westminster Carpets Pty Ltd, Australian Paper Manufacturers Ltd, McPherson's, National Bank, Braemar, Plastmold Products, General Tyre & Rubber Co, Hydreco, Kelso, Stanford X-Ray, Standis Furniture, Swallow & Ariell's Biscuits, GMH, Loy Bros, Frank P Mount, Etc.

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