Framed painting by William Tibbits, titled 'Cornubian House The Property of Burall Esqr Daylesford', in watercolour, pen and ink.

William Taylor Smith Tibbits (circa 1837-1906) was a Victorian watercolourist and lithographer, who specialised in painting commercial, residential and industrial buildings and landscapes.

Joseph Burall was a manager for several mines operating in the Daylesford area between 1865 and 1872, including Band of Hope Quartz-Mining Company, Palmerston Quartz-Mining Company, North Fear-Not Quartz-Mining Company, Argus Quartz Mining Company and Confluence Gold Mining Company.

Physical Description

A painting of a white weatherboard home, showing front yard and left hand side. Mounted and framed, behind glass. Some text and/or numbers slightly visible but illegible on sheet beneath mount.

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