Letterpress platen printing press manufactured by Chandler and Price, Cleveland, Ohio sometime between 1926 and 1930. It is a standard New Series Chandler & Price supplied with an automatic feeder attachment manufactured by Kluge. The feeder was patented in 1923.

Letterpress is a term used to define the process of printing from a raised surface, be it type or block. The term takes it origins from the act of pressing a letter onto another substance, usually paper.

The Chandler & Price machine came in many sizes and many are still in use in 2008, when this was written. The introduction of the automatic feeder was designed to compete against new machinery coming onto the market post-WW I (1914-1918). It is not known if the machine was supplied with the feeder from the factory, or if the feeder was marketed separately by its manufacturer.

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    Donation from Mr Fred Matlock, 23/05/1991

  • Manufacturer

    Chandler & Price, Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America, 1926-1930

  • Inscriptions

    Serial Number of Press is C69852 Metal label on rocker: S. Cooke Proprietary Limited Agents Melbourne Metal label on feeder: Kluge Feeder Manufactured by Brandtjen & Kluge, Inc. St Paul, Minn., USA Patented Oct 30 1923 Serial No: 10604 (The serial number of the press can be found on the bed in the upper left corner where the chase fits.) Feeder attachment: Kluge Feeder, Serial No: 10604 Cast on Rocker: Chandler & Price Cast on roller bearer - rear: The Chandler & Price Co/Cleveland, Ohio, USA

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  • Overall Dimensions

    1500 mm (Length), 1100 mm (Width), 1650 mm (Height)
    These dimensions apply when the machine is open. Historical dimensions: Crown Folio (10 inch by 15 inch).The feeder attachment to the platen takes a maximum of 37 cm by 25 cm sheet (10 inch by 15 inch)

  • Other Dimensions

    44 cm (Length), 32 cm (Width)
    Bed dimensions

  • Other Dimensions

    44 (Length), 32 (Width)
    There are three rollers.

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    Printing Equipment, Printing Presses