Framed illuminated address (in Italian) from the Partisans of Peace of the Port of Genoa (I Partigiani della Pace del Porto di Genova) to their Australian friends, dated 21st July, 1951.

Physical Description

Yellow paper behind glass in a red painted wooden frame. Hand drawn colour illustrations and handwritten text in Italian in black ink. Decorative border of anchors intertwined with laurels. Three corners have faces (possibly representative of the Gods of Wind). The upper left corner has three flags; Australian (Union Jack, Commonwealth Star and Southern Cross), Partisans of Peace (white dove on blue background), and the Italian flag (green, white, red). Two eyelets with string attached to top of the rear of the frame.

More Information

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    Working Life & Trades, Public Life & Institutions

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from Mr Andrew Reeves, 09/10/1989

  • Other Association (See Comments)

    Genoa, Italy, 21 Jul 1951
    Place & Date address given to 'their Australian friends' by the Partisans of Peace of the Port of Genoa

  • Inscriptions

    Italian text: 'Agli amici Australiani / Nell'offrirsi questa bandiera della Pace, simbolo / della nostre e della vostre lotte, i Portuali Genovesi vi salutano. / Amici d'Australia questa bandiera vuole essere / un atto de fraterna solidarieta e uello stesso tempo un / impegno nostro a continuare con tenacia la battaglia / per conquistare la Pace nel Mondo. / Portatela nel vostro Paese e consersatela quale / ricordo dei partigiani della Pace Genovesi alla cui / testa i Portuali combattono; unitela alla vostre / bandiere perche insieme esse sventolino perennemente / a significaze i vincoli di amicizia e di / fratellanza fra i grandi popoli d'Australia e d'Italia. / I Partigiani della Pace / del Porto di Genova / Genova 21 Juglio 1951' Approximate translation: Australian friends / In offering to you this flag of peace, symbol / of our and your struggles, the people of the Port of Genoa salute you. / Friends of Australia this flag shall be / an act of fraternal solidarity and at same time / underpins our commitment to tenaciously continue the battle to win World Peace. / Carry it in your country and consider it a / memory of the partisans of peace to which the Port of Genoa is heading the fight; add it to your / flags because together they shall perennially be significant in the bonds of friendship and / brotherhood among the great nations of Australia and Italy.

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    Trade unions, Transport - water, Souvenirs

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    History & Technology

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  • Overall Dimensions

    360 mm (Width), 15 mm (Depth), 510 mm (Height)

  • References

    Some history of the Partisans of Peace (in Italian) from a book review: [Link 1] - Retrieved 4 Feb 2011 (M. Vaughan)

  • Keywords

    Communism, International Relations, Politics, Trade Unions