Bottle for drug Bromural (Bromoisovalerylcarbamide), manufactured by Knoll A.G. Chemical Works, Ludwigshafen-on-Rhine, Germany. Stocked in the pharmacy of and used in a mental health hospital in Victoria, Australia. Bromural was the trade name under which the drug was marketed by Knoll, the active ingredient being bromoisovalerylcarbamide. Bromural is a day-time sedative and mild soporific (sleep-inducing) prescribed for patients exhibiting symptoms of nervous disorders including tension, anxiety, restlessness and excitement states. It was also indicated for cardiac patients with psycho-vegetative disturbances, and for children, in motion sickness. This drug was used to quieten patients to help them relax.

Physical Description

Clear plastic bottle with white plastic stopper. Printed label on side of bottle. Stamped with batch number across top of label. Empty, residues in tube.

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