75th Anniversary of Australian Federation 1976 (AD)
Mint: Heaton & Sons
Other Details: Silver medal commemorating the 75th anniversary of Australian Federation, depiecting Sir Samual Griffith. Premier of Queensland and first Chief Justice of Australia, Griffith was a strong advocate of Federation. He proposed and presided over the Federal Australasian Council, and represented Queensland at the Colonial Conference (London, 1887) and the Federal Conference (1890). He became Vice-president of the 1891 Convention, under Sir Henry Parkes, and was one of the principal authors of the Bill which formed the basis of Australia's constitution. Appointed Lieutenant-Governor in 1899, Griffith was in London when the Commonwealth Bill passed through the British Parliament.

Obverse Description

Bust three quarters left; around, + SIR SAMUEL GRIFFITH + in small letters in field LL

Reverse Description

Australia Arms above 1901 - 1976 / H; around 75TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FEDERATION OF AUSTRALIA

Edge Description



Queen Victoria established the office of Governor-General on 29 October 1900 and on the same day issued instructions to Lord Hopetoun to set in motion the government of a federated Australia. Hopetoun appointed Edmund Barton as first Prime Minister, and formally appointed the Ministers selected by Barton in order that the first Cabinet would represent all the States. Commonwealth Government Founding Documents web site -D. Tout-Smith 10/10/2003.

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