One of three Chinese dolls, which were given to Nancy (born 1918), Elizabeth (born 1922) and David (born 1926) Murdoch in the 1920s by their aunt Dora (Murdoch) Long (born in 1874) in the 1920s. Dora was the sister of the children's father William Murdoch. Dora lived in Eaglehawk near Bendigo at the time she gave the dolls to her nieces and nephew who were living in Camberwell at the time. The three dolls may have been purchased in Bendigo by Dora, as there was a well established Chinese community in the town by the 1920s, with several Chinese owned shops importing goods from China.

Physical Description

Painted ceramic head, lower arms and legs with body made from woven fabric (linen) stuffed with sawdust. The head is terracotta while the arms and legs, which are covered with fabric are stoneware or porcelain. The doll wears a costume consisting of a (silk) blue shirt with pink trim, red pants and green shoes. Shirt and pants embroidered with silk and metallic gold thread. Doll wears a removable red hat with tassels, pom poms and a long cord with a coin attached to the end.

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