Steel One Penny Token Die, made by Thomas Stokes, Melbourne, 1862. Used for tokens issued by Murray & Christie, Castlemaine. In 1857 Murray joined Christie's business as a salesman. In 1861 they built another more substantial building on the same site. Unfortunately for them, when business slowed in Castlemaine in 1865 they had invested in the town heavily, purchasing a flour mill. They speculated in a range of pastoral, mining and property investments, all to their loss. David Murray became insolvent in 1871. Both men left Castlemaine in 1875, having speculated without much gain.

Previous Collections: National Gallery of Victoria

Physical Description

A steel die 55 mm high with a base diameter of 54 mm and a working surface diameter of 34 mm. The die features the name and address of the issuer: Murray and Christie, Castlemaine. Although the working face of the obverse is undamaged (other than slight rusting) the main body of the die is surrounded by a series of deep indentations apparently made while trying to fix the die in the press. This is the only die in the collection so damaged and suggests that the steel was soft. See Notes tab for discussion of the overall issues of Murray & Christie.

Obverse Description

Legend in four lines, the first and last curved, MURRAY / AND / CHRISTIE / - / CASTLEMAINE (mirror incuse) border of 113 beads

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