Crossing the Equator certificate issued on board the U.S.A.T. General Ballau to Zofia Antoniszyn on 17 April 1949. Zofia Antoniszyn was born in 1909 in Czestochowa in Sosnowiec in south west Poland. Displaced by the war, Zofia and her son, Stefan, left Poland in 1947 and went to Germany where they received displaced persons status. In 1949 Zofia and Stephan migrated to Australia on the General Ballau. Stefan describes as the voyage as 'luxury' and 'like a holiday', they were given American food and a carton of cigarettes every week. They stayed at Bathurst Migrant Camp for a couple of months and then came to Melbourne.

Physical Description

Landscape format certificate that is printed on one side only (colour). The front of the certificate includes a decorative illustration that includes images of Neptune, horses and mermaids and a green sea border. The written text appears in the central register of the certificate.

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