"The Ferguson Demonstration Model" model tractor in custom built box. In 1953, the Ferguson tractor was promoted to rural Australia through the 'Ferguson Circus' which travelled from town to town. The circus consisted of seven tractors and salesmen who presented lectures and demonstrations featuring the operation of the 'Ferguson System'. This factory-built model was an important element of the demonstration. There were seven models made by toymakers Mills Bros (Milbro) in Sheffield brought to Australia in the early 1950s and this is the only known survivor of these. It comes complete with a booklet of instructions for salesmen using the model and was kept at the MF Wyeera training facility until it closed in 1978. Harry Ferguson used a similar model to demonstrate the features of his three-point hydraulic linkage system to Henry Ford in 1939.

The spring-driven model runs along a grooved track made from the top and bottom of the transport box. It is wound forward by turning the starting crank handle.

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