Steel One Penny Token Die made by Thomas Stokes, Melbourne, circa 1962. Used for tokens issued by Collins & Co, Cheap Clothing Bazaar, Bathurst, 1864. Collins & Co appears to have existed only for a short period, their products included: Groceries, Wines, Spirits, & Clothing. This is the obverse die was also used in the early Twentieth century to strike collector pieces.

Previous Collections: National Gallery of Victoria

Physical Description

A steel die 54 mm high with a main diameter of 55 mm and a working surface diameter of 34 mm. The die features the name, address and business of the firm that commissioned it: COLLINS & Co. BATHURST CHEAP CLOTHING BAZAAR

Obverse Description

Across the centre of the working face within a line circle in two lines, COLLINS / & Co. around, CHEAP CLOTHING BAZAAR : BATHURST : all incuse retrograde.

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