Loose haystack made by Mr. F. C. Williames on his property at Hill End (Gippsland), Victoria, circa 1918. The worker on top of the farm-made ladder is fixing a termporary tarred sewn bag cover over the loose hay. This is a completed stack, the extrernal 'straws' are all hanging down, to shed the rain more efficiently. The harvest harnds 'combed' down all the straws with the hay fork.

This hay was obtained from pasture fertilized with superphosphate, cut by horse-drawn mower, windrowed and put into cocks with a horse drawn rake, and carried to stack on a netting sled.

The Williames collection includes two other similar views, but of oaten hay, circa 1925, one showing a large wheeled wagon with saplings lashed to it to increase its capacity.

Description of Content

Men covering a hay stack with tarred corn sacks.

Physical Description

Black and white negative.

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