A Semis from the town of Brundisium in Calabria, Italy, circa 200 BC
Mint not recorded

Obverse Description

Head of Poseidon facing right laureate; behind (difficult to see) Nike flying above a trident. Below a letter S on its side (the denomination mark - Semis)

Reverse Description

Taras seated on dolphin swimming to left. He holds Nike in his right hand and a lyre in his left. Behind the denomination mark S and below (partly illegible) BRVN.

Edge Description



"The other coinage which stands out is the coinage of the harbour town and Latin colony of Brundisium, produced on an enormouse scale. Purely Roman in character ... It is reasonable to suppose that the entire coinage is to be related to Roman naval activity in Greece in connection with the First Macedonian War and, perhaps, with the Second Macedonian War and the war against Antiochus III" (Crawford, Coinage and Money under the Roman Republic, p.66)

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