Brass Cast one Penny token, possibly minted by Whitty. Based on Thomas Stokes, one Penny Token issued in 1862. Cast trade tokens are probably best all considered counterfeits. Exceptions might be cast examples of the Whitty & Brown trade tokens. Whitty was a brass founder, Brown and engraver. After dissolution of their partnership, Whitty continued to produce crudely cast pieces which were accepted as currency equally with struck tokens "the public being not in the least particular"' Dr. Mark Long. Spinks' Numismatic Circular Sept. 1898 - as quoted in Heyde p. 85.

Thomas Stokes migrated to Australia in search of gold in the 1850s, being unsuccessful he returned to his trade as a die-maker and button maker. In 1857 Stokes acquired a press from W.J. Taylor and began to mint large numbers of tradesmen's tokens. He also commenced the Australian Medallic Issues. In 1873 Stokes took a partner, Martin, and the business was re-named Stokes & Martin. In 1893 a disastrous fire damaged a large portion of the business, Martin had forgotten to renew the fire insurance policy, and the partnership was dissolved as a result. Stokes rebuilt the business as Stokes & Son. The business became a proprietary concern in 1911, re-named Stokes & Son Pty Ltd. In 1935 the business moved to Brunswick, and in 1962 Stokes became a public company, renamed Stokes (Australasia) Pty Ltd. Today the business is located in Ringwood.

Physical Description

A cast brass copy of a round trade token (33 mm diameter). In this caser the original token was a Thomas Stokes manufactured anonymous issue featuring a stock Arms and a stock Vine. The casting is not good enough to recognise exactly which die combination was being copied.

Obverse Description

At centre within a line circle a piece of grape vine; around above, VICTORIA 1862, around below the Latin IN VINO VERITAS.

Reverse Description

Coat of arms consisting of a central shield set on grass covered ground and below Rising Sun. On left a kangaroo seated facing out but head back towards sun and on right emu with similar stance. Below ground line and set on bouquet of rose, thistles and shamrock, a ribbon with the motto ADVANCE AUSTRALIA. The shield is quartered by a cross with a star at the centre and at the end of each arm. The cross is shaded with horizontal and vertical lines, hatched around the stars. The quarters contain: top left, a three-masted sailing ship; top right, a golden fleece; bottom left, an anchor; and bottom right, a wheat sheaf. Around above, VICTORIA . 1862 around below in two lines, T. STOKES MAKER / 100 COLLINS ST. EAST MELBOURNE. The T of T. STOKES above the first L of COLLINS

Edge Description


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