Denarius, issued by Ancient Roman Republic, 58 BC
Moneyer: M. SCAVR, P. HVPSAEVS (M. Aemilianus Scaurus and P. Hypsaeus)
Minted in Rome

Obverse Description

A camel standing facing right with a kneeling figureat its side, the figure holds the reigns of the camel and extends an olive branch; above, M. SCAVR / AED CVR; in field right (worn and partly off flan), E[X] / S[C]; in exergue, REX ARETA[S]

Reverse Description

Jupiter driving a horse drawn quadriga to left; below raised horses hooves, scorpion; above, P. HVPS[AE] / AED CVR; below, C. HVPSAE CO[S] / PREIVE[R]

Edge Description



Marcus Aemelianus Scaurus as quaestor under Pompey intervened in Judaea and Nabataea in about 65 BC. He made great personal profit and accepted the surrender of King Aretas of Nabataea. In 58 BC he issued this coin commemorating "his inglorious campaign' (Oxford Classical Dictionary, p.958).

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