Bronze One Penny Token, minted by Stokes & Martin, Melbourne. Issued by John Henderson, Pawnbroker, Fremantle, 1874.

Previous Collections: George McArthur

Physical Description

A round copper token (31 mm diameter) with the name, address and business of the issuer: John Henderson, Peckenham St. Freemantle (sic) W.A., Pawnbroker. The obverse features a coat of arms with a swan as crest and kangaroo and emu supporters. The reverse depicts a large building with a flag-staff on the roof. The manufacturers name STOKES & MARTIN MELBOURNE is in small letters on the obverse. This token has a spotty toning.

Obverse Description

At centre a coat of arms with a swan as crest and kangaroo and emu supporters. The shield is quartered by a cross with a star at the centre and at the end of each arm, top left, three-masted sailing ship, top right, golden fleece, lower left, crossed pick and spade, lower right, wheat-sheaf. The shiels is set above a bouquet of rose, thistle and shamrock set above a ribbon with the Latin motto TANDEM MOVETUR. Around above, JOHN HENDERSON; below, PAWNBROKER; in tiny letters on either side the makers name, STOKES & MARTIN MELBOURNE

Reverse Description

At centre a small group of buildings inside a line circle; above, ONE PENNY TOKEN; below, 1874; around outside the circle, PACKENHAM STREET FREEMANTLE W.A. The F of Freemantle is entered twice.

Edge Description


More Information

  • Collection Names

    McArthur Bequest

  • Collecting Areas

    Numismatics & Philately, Working Life & Trades

  • Acquisition Information

    Transfer from National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), George McArthur, 15 Mar 1976

  • Date Issued

    1874 AD

  • Issued By

    John Henderson - Pawnbroker, Fremantle, Greater Perth, Western Australia, Australia, 1874

  • Mint

    Stokes & Martin (Mint), Melbourne, Greater Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1874

  • Previous Collection

    George McArthur

  • Inscriptions


  • Denomination

    1 Penny

  • Series

    Trade Tokens

  • Material


  • Axis


  • Classification

    Trade tokens, Australia - western australia, Working strikes

  • Category

    History & Technology

  • Discipline


  • Type of item


  • Dimensions

    31 mm (Outside Diameter), 9.884 g (Weight)

  • Shape


  • References

    Henderson issued dated tokens in 1874 and undated pieces in 1878. The 1874 issue required one obverse (Obverse A) and two Reverses (1 and 2) to manufacture. Obverse A has the makers name in small letters at the rim to left and right of the Arms, the ear of the kangaroo points to the middle of the N of JOHN Reverse 1 has the date below the house, the F of FREEMANTLE is entered twice and the flag-mast points to the second N of PENNY. Reverse 2 has the date below the house, the flag-mast goes between the two N's of PENNY. The second issue (without date) began with Obverse A and a new Reverse (3). Then two new obverses were introduced Obverse B has the makers name below the ribbon and the ear of the kangaroo is below the right corner of the letter N, the letters ST of STOKES ar above the letter A of PAWNBROKER Obverse C has the makers name below the ribbon and the ear of the kangaroo is to the right of the letter N, the letters TO of STOKES are above, and touch, the letter P of PAWNBROKER Reverse 3 has the words ONE PENNY / TOKEN below the house. The following die combinations are known Issue 1: A/1 (this token), A/2; Issue 2: A/3, B/3, C/3
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  • Keywords

    Pawnbrokers, Swans