Black and white portrait of a man wearing a Light Horse regiment uniform of feathered hat, bandolier, breeches, spiral strap leggings and spurs, inscribed with the name Howard H. Ednie. Howard Heywood Ednie served in World War II - service no. VX83492. He enlisted in July 1942, aged 21, and was serving in the 101 Australian Motor Regiment at his discharge in July 1946. That regiment was formed from a Light Horse regiment. It is possible that Ednie had served with an inter-war Light Horse regiment prior to enlisting. The photo likely therefore pre-dates the war. After the war Ednie became a barrister (in 1955) and lived in Malvern.

The photograph was possibly taken by Melbourne photographer Robert William Harvie. Harvie was a professional photographer who, with his business partner Albert Sutcliffe, owned a photography studio named Harvie & Sutcliffe between 1898 and 1908, located in the Cromwell Buildings, 366a Bourke Street, corner of Bourke and Elizabeth Streets, Melbourne. The Harvie Collection includes examples of Robert Harvie's private and professional photographic practice. A number of the photographs depict the family life of four generations of the Harvie family, including the Lang family. The Harvie and Lang families had social significance in Melbourne through their active involvement in early Australian vegetarian movements, early moving film, photography and architecture, as well as various other cultural societies and clubs in Melbourne.

Description of Content

Portrait of a soldier in Light Horse uniform standing in front of a building with palm tree or fern in the background. He has a diamond-shaped colour patch on his shoulder.

Physical Description

Black and white silver gelatin photograph.

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