Silver coin; Denomination: Groat
Royal Mint, London
Queen Victoria (1837-1901)

A groat is a 4 pence coin. There were two forms of groat, the currency issue like this piece with Britannia on the reverse, and a special piece for the Maundy Thursday ceremonies witht the numeral 4 on the reverse. Although the last circulation groats were struck in 1856 (the threepence coin had become more popular), they remained part of the general currency until 1887.

This groat, like most groats of Queen Victoria in the collection, was collected by George McArthur. All his coins show considerable wear and it is believed that they were collected by him from circulation in Victoria.

Obverse Description

Head of the Queen facing left, ribbon in hair; around, VICTORIA D: G: BRITANNIAR: REGINA F: D:

Reverse Description

Britannia seated facing right holds trident and rests right hand on shield; around, FOUR PENCE; in exergue, 1854

Edge Description


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