Victorian Volunteer Forces Long Service and Good Conduct medal awarded to A. Geddes in 1883 for 'long and efficient service'. Mint: Stokes & Martin, Melbourne.

The medal was instituted on 26 January 1881 and given royal sanction on 21 April 1882. It was available to officers and men in the Volunteer Forces for 15 years service. Awards to officers ceased in 1894 when the Volunteer Officers Decoration was introduced.

The Victorian Volunteer Forces were the local regiments who undertook the naval and military defence of the colony of Victoria.

Physical Description

A round silver medal (38 mm. diameter) with ornate mount and ribbon (not original). The obverse features a crowned garter around simplified Southern Cross on a cross; on the garter to motto, AUT PACE . AUT BELLO . VICTORIA (translation - both in peace and in war Victoria); around, LOCAL FORCES VICTORIA. The reverse has the legend: FOR / LONG AND / EFFICIENT / SERVICE. The edge, A. GEDDES _ 1883 .

Obverse Description

Crowned garter around simple Southern Cross on cross; on garter, AUT PACE . AUT BELLO . VICTORIA; around, LOCAL FORCES VICTORIA

Reverse Description


Edge Description

A. GEDDES _ 1883

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