Gold prize medal of the Victorian Rifle Association, awarded to Sergeant Limerock, 1873.

The Rifle Association was closely linked to the Victorian Volunteer Defence Force, whose motto AUT PACE AUT BELLO appears above the riflemen engraved on the front of the medal.

On 19 December 1873 the Victorian Rifle Association held an award presentation ceremony at the Melbourne Town Hall. Such was the importance accorded to this association that the medals were presented by the Governor. The Hall was crowded with volunteer corps from the metropolitan district, the naval reserve and local garrison corps. The balcony and gallery were crowded with spectators, and on the platform were leading Melbourne citizens including the Minister of War, Sir George Verdon. At 8.30pm the Governor, his wife and daughter arrived. Colonel Anderson announced on behalf of the Governor that the Victorian volunteer forces would in future be armed with a Martini-Henry rifle, bringing them in line with the more advanced rifles used by neighboring colonies' forces. Major Templeton acknowledged the financial support provided by the Victorian government and local merchants. He noted that 334 entries were received in the Representative Match, open to members of the naval and military forces of Victoria. Sergeant Limerock, he said, won the Governor's Prize with 100 points. The Governor gave a short speech, in which he admonished the 'wealthy' class for not taking sufficient part in the military forces. He then presented medals to Limerock and others. - Argus, Dec.20, 1873, p.5.

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Engraved: AUT PACE AUT BELLO above two men, dressed in military uniforms, holding rifles; in exergue: V.R.a./1873

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