Sir William Clarke, Installation as DGM (Distrct Grand Master) of Victoria 1884 (AD)
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Obverse Description

At centre a voided five pointed star (Solomon's Seal) and series of ribbons; around, INSTALLATION OF SIR W.J.CLARKE AS D.G.M. OF VICTORIA; on arms of star, MARS XXVI / A.D. MDCCCLXXXIV / VDC C LX IV; on ribbons, ENGLAND / IRELAND / SCOTLAND

Reverse Description


Edge Description



Freemasons were amongst the first free settlers in Victoria. The first Lodge meeting was held in Victoria in 1839. Initially Lodges worked under the separate Constitutions of the Grand Lodges of England, Scotland and Ireland, and this medal commemorates the 1884 installation of Sir William Clarke as District Grand Master for Victoria.

A District Grand Master oversaw the affairs of these lodges 'overseas', whilst a Deputy Grand Master for each of the these Constitutions would be at 'home' in London, Edinburgh, Dublin respectively.

Five years after this medal was minted, in 1889, the United Grand Lodge of Victoria brought the Lodges together.

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