Australia Victoria Malvern
Opening Of Shire Hall, Malvern, 1886 1886 (AD)
Mint: not recorded
Other Details: This medal was issued for the occasion of the opening of the Shire Hall in Malvern in 1886, the culmination of 19 years of planning. A large number of residents and ratepayers of the Shire of Malvern assembled to witness the opening ceremony on Monday afternoon, July 26 1886. The Shire President, Cr. Benson, showed guests through the new building and assembled the crowd in the Council Chamber for a toast to the Queen and the citizens of the Shire of Malvern. In the evening Cr. Benson hosted a civic banquet in the Main Hall. Today the Malvern Town Hall is still an extraordinary intact example of a late Victorian Boom period Italianate building with two towers in the French Second Empire style, reflecting changing architectural styles of the later nineteenth century.

Obverse Description

At centre below star like ornament; MALVERN / JULY 25 1886; around, . TO COMMEMORATE THE OPENING OF THE SHIRE HALL

Reverse Description

View of Hall; above, R.G. BENSON PRESIDENT; in exergue, STOKES & MARTIN / MELB.

Edge Description


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