Malvern, Queen Victoria Jubilee 1887 (AD) medal
Mint:not Stokes & Martin
Other Details: This medal was issued for the occasion of the launch of Queen Victoria's jubilee in 1887. It names R.G. Benson as Shire President. Benson was a councillor for the Shire of Malvern from 1874 until 1892-93. He served as Shire President 1876-77, 1880-81, 1885-87 and 1889-90. He resigned as councillor in the 1892-93 term. The Shire of Mavern was originally proclaimed as the Shire of Gardiner in 1856. In 1878 it was renamed Malvern. The Shire Hall was opened eight years later, in 1886, the year before it was depicted on this medal. The City of Malvern was proclaimed on 30 May 1911 and ceased to exist on 22 June 1994, succeeded by the City of Stonnington.

Obverse Description

Head of Queen Victoria facing left, wearing veil and coronet; Around, VICTORIA'S JUBILEE Below, 1887. Artist's initials, H.S. on truncation of Queen's neck.

Reverse Description

Malvern Town Hall; above, R.G. BENSON PRESIDENT in exergue makers name; STOKES & MARTIN

Edge Description


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