Restrike of a Commemorative Medal issued by the United States of America in 1789. Designed by Du Vivier and minted in Paris. The medal commemorates the British evacuation of Boston on 17 March 1776, one of the early victories during the Revolutionary War.

Obverse Description

Undraped bust of Washington facing right; around, GEORGIO WASHINGTON SUPREMO DVCI ADSERTORI LIBERTATIS; below, COMITIA QAMERICANA; in small letters below bust truncation the artist's name, DU VIVIER / PARIS F.

Reverse Description

Washington and his staff on horseback, Washington points to the British fleeing from Boston to their ships; at right, the American entrenchments and forces drawn up ready to advance; around above, HOSTIBUS PRIMO FUGATIS; in exergue, BOSTONIUM RECUPERATUM / XVII MARTI / MDCCLXXVII

Edge Description


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