Copper One Penny Token, minted by an unknown British mint. Issued by J.M. Leigh, Tobacconist, Sydney, circa 1852. In 1851 James Mayne Leigh began trading in George Street East, Sydney. Leigh was still trading in 1861. In the 1861 May editions of the Sydney Morning Herald, Leigh advised 'Wholesale Buyers' that 'The undersigned have REDUCED the wholesale prices of tobacco and cigars - J.M. Leigh & Co.' In 1866 the tobacconist's business was closed, but the partners opened a new business, Watkins and Leigh, Wholesale grocers, and wine and spirit merchants, at 422 George Street.

Physical Description

A round copper token (34 mm diameter). The token design featues the name, address and business of the issuer: J.M. Leigh, 524 George Street Sydney, Tobacconist. The reverse features Britannia seated on a rock against which a shield decorated with the Union Jack. Britannia extends an olive branch and holds a trident over her shoulder. On the horizon to the right a sailing ship.

Obverse Description

J.M.LEIGH / TOBACCONIST / 524 GEORGE STREET / SYDNEY the first and last lines curved

Reverse Description

Britannia seated facing left with shield bearing Union Jack resting at right; right hand extended holding olive branch; trident on left arm; sailing ship in background at left; around above, BRITANNIA

Edge Description


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