Australia Tasmania Launceston
Queen Victoria's Jubilee, Launceston 1887 (AD)
Mint: Stokes & Martin
Other Details: Queen Victoria's 50th jubilee in 1887 was celebrated the great enthusiasm throughout the British Empire. This medal was one of many issued by local governments to commemorate the occasion. It was issued by Launceston, Tasmania. It has a date error on the die - coronation given as 1828, should read 1838.
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Obverse Description

Bust of Queen Victoria left but with head slightly front so that her right eye can just be seen, wearing small crown. Around, TO COMMEMORATE THE JUBILEE OF THE REIGN OF QUEEN VICTORIA . 1887 .

Reverse Description

Arms of Great Britain; below, ALEXANDRINA VICTORIA / BORN 1819 CROWNED 1828 (sic) / PROCLAIMED / EMPRESS OF INDIA / 1887 (sic) / LAUNCESTON TASMANIA; around on wreath 1837 1887

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