'The Argus' reported on Tuesday 23 August 1910, "A fire occurred about 1 o'clock this morning in Scott-street, as a result of which three shops were totally destroyed, and another was badly damaged. The origin of the fire is unknown, but it is believed to have broken out in premises occupied by G. Phillips and owned by W.C. Cutts, of Geelong."

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A policeman and large group of onlookers standing in front of the remains of three shops in Scott Street, Warracknabeal, destroyed by fire early in the morning of Monday 22nd August 1910. The buildings reported to have been destroyed were the grocery section of G. Phillips store (owned by W.C. Cutts, of Geelong), Lawson's bakery & confectionery establishment (owned by T.W. Dally), and Discaciatis Photographic Studio, though the front section of this business appears to still be standing on the right. Wollard's fruit shop (owned by Miss Devereux) was also partly damaged by fire and water. Only the grocery section of G. Phillips store was destroyed as a brick wall and iron door protected the drapery department.

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