Black and white negative showing a small burning off fire on Whitehorse Road, Deepdene, Victoria, circa 1925.

The photograph seems to have been taken from the corner of Leonard Street facing south-east across Whitehorse road toward the Deepdene Park gate entrance. The park gates had been officially opened the previous year by the Mayor of Camberwell, on Saturday, August 30, 1924.

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Image looking down an unsealed road with footpath and fencing on the left side and a building with a verandah. The left foreground shows a a street turning off to the left. At right in the foreground are the gates of a park, and at right background is smoke from a 'burning off' fire on the right side of the road. There are tram tracks down the middle of the road. Two cars are parked along the right hand side of the road with some people nearby. Trees line the side of the road, and a large house is visible in far right background. A sign on the right of the road says 'De Mont ???'

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