Black and white photograph of Charlotte Easton [at left] and two of her daughters, Laura May and Florence Mary, at the base of a rocky outcrop on the beach at Kilcunda, Victoria in 1912.

Charlotte (nee Philbrick) Easton's husband was William Challis Easton who ran a bakery and tearooms in Wonthaggi and later became the Mayor of Wonthaggi. He died in 1945. William and his elder brother Challis Edward Easton built and ran bakeries at the new coal mining towns that emerged in west and south Gippsland in the 19th century. Their first bakery was in Kilcunda in 1881, then subsequently they opened businesses in Moe, Coalville, Korumburra, Outtrim and Wonthaggi.

Laura May was born in 1888 and Florence Mary born in 1890.

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Three women on the base of a rocky cliff at Kilcunda Beach. The two women at left and right are wearing long dark skirts, belts and white shirts. The older woman at left wears an ornate hat decorated with flowers. The woman at right wears a simple hat tied under her chin, and carries a handbag. The woman seated in the middle is wearing a white dress and ornate hat, possibly with a net.

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