The photograph is inscribed 'Presenting Gallipoli Stars, Richmond, 1920'. The 1914-1915 Star, Great Britain, was awarded to those who saw service between 5 August 1914 and 31 December 1915, including those who served at Gallipoli; it was also awarded to those serving in other theatres of war during this period.

A plan to issue a specific 'Gallipoli star' to those who served at Gallipoli, designed in 1917 by R. K. Peacock, was scuttled due to concern it was planned to present it only to Australian and New Zealand troops, not to British and other dominion troops. Some Anzac veterans were issued with ribbons during the war in anticipation of the medal's production, but given the date of this photograpgh, 1920, it appears to show the awarding of the 1914-1915 Star.

In 1990 a 'Gallipoli Star' was finally stuck by A J Parkes & Co Pty Ltd, of Brisbane, arranged by Vietnam veteran Ross Smith. This Gallipoli Star were given to surviving veterans, marking the 75th anniversary of the campaign; others were sold to the public and struck for collectors.

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Soldiers being presented with what the inscription indicates are 'Gallipoli Stars'. The ceremony is taking place in the open air, there are officers seated at a table in the foreground and onlookers behind. There are two terrace houses in the back- ground.

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