Black and white image of a large weatherboard guest house on the waterfront at Barwon Heads, circa 1928-1935.

The house in this image was known as The Chalet, and had been co-opted into the Mount Colite Hotel [later known as the Barwon Heads Hotel] to provide extra accommodation during the peak period of the holiday season.

The Mt Colite Hotel was situated very close to The Chalet and originally sat to the right of the house as it appears in this image. The hotel was previously known as the Mt. Colite Coffee Palace, and became a licensed hotel under the licensee Mr George Golightly. The Mt Colite Hotel was offered for sale in March 1928. A few months later, the hotel caught fire, early on the morning of Friday 30 November 1928, and the main buildings were destroyed. The Chalet became even more important to the hotel for its accommmodation at this time, and nearby seaside cottages were also rented by the hotel to accommodate guests. Later, on Thursday 4 August 1932, the remainder of the hotel was burnt down while the owners were waiting to find funds to construct a brick building on the site of the first fire. The owner of the hotel had struggled financially since 1928 to rebuild the hotel. The new brick hotel was eventually rebuilt around early 1934 and was renamed the Barwon Heads Hotel.

This photograph was taken some time after the hotel burnt down in 1928 and before the new brick building was eventually constructed, around 1934.

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A hotel. There is a water tank on the right and beach or sandy area in the foreground. A large roof on a building is at far right in the background. Trees are at far left and a park bench.

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