Bella Whelan with a pet kangaroo, possibly at the Esson family's farm in Annuello, 1923.
The Esson family left Annuello in 1926. Annuello is a small town near Robinvale located near the Victoria / New South Wales border.
It is best known for being a returned soldiers settlment town after World War I under the Australian government's soldier settlement scheme. The scheme's aim was to encourage soldiers to acquire land and become farmers in order to set up a life for themselves and develop rural areas. In the case of Annuello, the scheme was not a success. Soldiers were allocated small lots of farmland, conditions in the Mallee region were unforgiving and most of them had little farming experience. This set many of them up for a time of great hardship and failed farming efforts. It often resulted in many of them leaving the town.

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A woman with pet joey. The joey was hand reared after being thrown from its mother's pouch. It was sent to the Melbourne Zoo in 1926 (when the Esson family walked off their property.)

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