1 Penny token, Issued by, Sir Philip Gibbs, Barbados, 1792.
Gibbs Plantation Token
Minted at Milton, J. (probably using Royal Mint press) struck on 25 July 1792

Obverse Description

The head of a slave facing left, wearing a coronet and three feather plume; below, I SERVE; artist's initial, M, incuse on neck trucation.

Reverse Description

King George III (as Neptune) seated in a chariot drawn to left by a pair of hippocampi; above, BARBADOES . PENNY ; in exergue, 1792

Edge Description



In 1788 the Gibbs Plantation successfully circulated a token coinage featuring a slave and a pineapple throughout Barbados. A second design was sought in 1792 based on the Seal of the island, King George III as Neptune being drawn across the sea in a bega of hippocampi. The dies were engraved by J. Milton of the Royal Mint, London who seems to have supervised the striking on 24 July 1792. The seal was granted by King Charles II on 3 June 1663.

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