The Hart family in a decorated boat on the Yarra in 1913. They won first prize for their entry in a spectator event. The official event was the Australian Henley Regatta, first established in 1904 and one of the most important regattas on the Victorian rowing calendar. The regatta is still held annually.
Rowing regattas are often popular social events and as seen here spectators were once permitted to watch the race from a prime location on the water itself, a practise less common these days due to safety reasons.

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A boat on a busy river is covered in pale flowers and dark foliage. Numerous passengers wearing pale clothes and hats pose for the photograph, several peering through the contrasting lush dark foliage and canopied decorations. There is an archway constructed of reeds, leaves and branches at the side and the entire vessel is adorned in pale coloured blooms, including irises. There is a canoe in the right hand corner.

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