Part of the Lilian Louisa Pitts collection. Lilian Pitts photographed, processed and printed her photographs from about 1910. The collection is based on her life in the fruit growing and dairying community of Merrigum, a town west of Shepparton, in the Goulburn Valley. Lilian Pitts was born in 1872, she arrived in Merrigum with her family in 1893 and died in 1947.

This is image was used in a narrative sequence in an album Pitts created. This photographic narrative sequence was published as 'Tommy Trick's Adventure' in the 'Melbourne Herald' on 1st January 1924, and constituted Lillian's entry in the newspaper's 'Ideal Holiday Competition'. Lilian did not win a prize with her entry. The photographic narrative was later published as 'Merrigum Frank' by Museum Victoria in 1990.

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A picnic with Frank Stephenson and his friend in the foreground and four girls in the background.

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