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A draught horse and motor car pose with a male driver on a dirt road after the horse has pulled the car from a bog, near Cann River, East Gippsland. The draught horse is harnessed up with a heavy collar, haynes and chains connected to a swingletree that lies on the roadway between the horse and front of the car. The motor car is a two-door roadster with soft-top body and wooden-spoked wheels, that appears to be of an American-make, dating from around the early 1920s. A registration plate that reads 'VIC 157-167' is fixed across the front of the radiator. A man wearing a hat and jacket is standing on the outside running board beside the driver's door holding the horse reins. In the background there is a swamp or flooded creek encroaching on the road and surrounding bush of eucalypts, with the bare trunks of two large standing dead trees closer to the road.

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