Silver coin; Denomination: Halfcrown
Royal Mint, London
George V (1911-1936)

Sterling silver halfcrowns (struck between 1911 and 1919) were current in Australia although the denomination had not been selected for inclusion among the coins struck by the Commonwealth of Australia beginning in 1910. When the British debased the silver in 1920 no proclamation was issued in Australia making them legal tender however some did circulate, being brought out by migrants. By the early 1930s, after a sustained effort to remove them from circulation, the use of British coins in Australia had ended (although some halfpence were still in use as late as 1966).

Obverse Description

Bare head of the King facing left; below on neck truncation in small letters, B.M. (Bertram MacKennal); around, GEORGIVS V DEI GRA: BRITT: OMN: REX

Reverse Description

At centre within Garter inscribed HONI SOIT QVI MAL Y PENSE; a crowned shield quartered with the arms of England (1 & 4) Scotland (2) and Ireland (3); around above FID: DEF: IND: IMP:; around below, HALF 1911 CROWN the date being divided by the base of the Garter

Edge Description


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