Triens issued by City of Luceria, Apulia, Italy, Ancient Greek States, circa 210 BC
Minted by Luceria

Obverse Description

Head of Heracles as a young man wearing a lion's skin and facing right; behind 4 dots (marking the denomination as a Triens)

Reverse Description

At the top a quiver, below this a club with the legend LOVKERI below; below this a bow.

Edge Description



The obverse of the coin depicts the Greek hero Herakles wearing a lion-skin. The reverse depicts his traditional club, bow and quiver. Luceria was a Latin Colony of Rome from about 315 BC. A mint was established in the city during the Second Punic War (218-201 BC) initially casting aes grave pieces on the Roman libral standard. The economic impact of the war with Hannibal saw the amount of copper in the coins decrease and eventually a switch from casting to striking technology. This coin is struck with local designs, suggesting local circulation, the mint also struck coins with standard Roman types for wider circulation. It's copper content was on the sextantal standard, though to have been adopted in 211 BC.

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