Coin issued by Neapolis, Campania, Italy, Ancient Greek States, circa 250 BC
Minted by Neapolis

Obverse Description

Head of Apollo laureate facing left, in front the Greek (partly off the flan) NEOPOLITON, behind an uncertain letter

Reverse Description

Man headed bull walking to right, head facing. Nike flying right above the bull is crowning it with a wreath. Below the bull the Greek letters IS and in the exergue a monogram based around the letter X

Edge Description



Coins, like this, bearing the Greek letter IS are dated to or just before the First Punic War (264-241 BC). Crawford reports that six different types of copper coins were in simulatneous production, this was the smallest denomination. The man-headed bull on the reverse was a river-god called Achelous who appeared as a suitor to a mortal in a myth in the form of a bull.

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