Sextans issued by Larinum, Frentani, Italy, Ancient Greek States, circa 100 BC
Minted by Larinum

Obverse Description

Female head laureate and veiled wearing earring facing right. Identified in BMC as head of the Greek goddess Dione but this is not followed in the American Numismatic Society's SNG

Reverse Description

Dolphin leaping to right; above, the letter V; below, LADINOD and below this 2 dots giving the denomination. Note, the L of the legend is partly missing due to an edge split caused in production

Edge Description



The Fretanii were incorporated within Roman rule after the Social Wars - the date of this coin must be therefore before 87 BC. Larinum (modern Larino) was a town on the Adriatic coast, its people were ethnically Frentani but politically independent.

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