1 Penny, Issued by James Murray, 2nd Duke of Atholl, Isle of Man, Great Britain, 1758
Mint not recorded

Obverse Description

The monogram A D (Atholl Dux) below a ducal coronet; below, 1758

Reverse Description

At centre, triskelis: three legs joined at the upper part of the thigh, flexed, garnished and spurred; around, QUOCUNQUE JESSERIS STABIT (wherever you throw it, it will stand)

Edge Description



James Murray, Duke of Atholl, inherited the Isle of Man in 1736. He issued one coinage of penny and 1/2 penny in 1758, a record of which in the Royal Mint archives states that the total value of the issue was 400 pounds (Pridmore divides this into 250 pounds in pence and 150 in 1/2 pence)

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