Proof 1 Quart, Issued by Gibraltar, 1861
Minted by Royal Mint, London

Obverse Description

Young head of the Queen facing left wearing ornamented band in her hair; around, VICTORIA D: G: BRITANNIAR: REGINA F: D:; below, 1861; artist's initials, W.W., incuse on neck truncation

Reverse Description

Castle of three towers; key in exergue below centre tower; around above, GIBRALTAR; around in exergue, ONE QUART

Edge Description



The name Gibraltar is derived from Gebel Tarik (hill of Tarek) so named after Tarik ibn Zeyed who captured the site in AD 711. The denominations of the coins are quarts after the Spanish copper coin cuarto which was current in Gibraltar at about 4 to the British penny.

The 1861 1 quart was not struck for circulation, it's obverse die is that of the Jersey 1/52nd shilling, Hocking classifies it as a pattern but could be a mule piece struck for Exhibitions only.

Exhibited by the Sydney Mint at the 1879-80 International Exhibition. Acquired by Dr. Howat at the closure of the Sydney Mint in 1926 and donated on his return to Melbourne.

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