Pattern 30 Lepta, issued by Ionian Islands, Greece, 1862. Minted by Royal Mint, London. This coin contains two obverse's: the winged lion from the 1 lepton and the 30 in an oak wreath from the 30 Lepta, rather than an obverse and reverse. The reverse for the 30 Lepta was Britannia seated facing right with shield and trident; above, BRITANNIA.

Dr. Howat acquired this coin at the closure of the Sydney Mint in 1926. It had formed part of the Mint's exhibit at the 1879-80 Sydney International Exhibition being provided to the Mint by the Royal Mint, London for that purpose. It is conjectured that in preparing the coin for the Sydney Exhibition an incorrect die, that for the 1 lepton, was employed. An example was not retained by the Royal Mint. The Protectorate was incorporated with the Kingdom of Greece on 14 November 1863.

Obverse Description

Winged lion of St. Mark to left holding Bible and seven arrows; below, 1862; around above in Greek, IONIKON KPATOS

Reverse Description

At centre within an oak wreath 30; around above in Greek, IONIKON KRATOS; below, 1862

Edge Description



The United States of the Ionian Islands was formed on 14 November 1815 and was made up of seven principal islands: Corfu, Cephalinia, Zante, Santa Maura, Ithica, Cerigo and Paxo, these islands are represented by the seven arrows held by the winged lion of St. Mark (a Venetian symbol reflecting the Venetian control of the islands from 1401 until 1797).

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