Brass Advertising Check minted by Brim Medallions, Mitcham, Victoria. Designed by Emil Hafner, Eltham, Victoria. Issued by Armstrong Shoe Mart, Frankston, Victoria. There were 100 of these pennies struck in brass and given to customers who purchased shoes. A $1 discount was given if the token was returned on the occasion of a further purchase. This issue features Willie the Olympic Koala and commemorates the 1984 Olympic Games. Issue number 154, Type 37.

Physical Description

A brass medal featuring Willie the Olympic Koala standing front before the Australian flag and the family crest.

Obverse Description

At centre within a line circle 22 mm diameter, Willie the Olympic Koala standing facing before the Australian flag; around, OLYMPIC PENNY .... 1984 .... with the mint name in small letters at the sides of the date, BRIM MELB

Reverse Description

At centre within a line circle 24 mm diameter, a ladies Victorian period button-up style boot; around, ARMSTRONG BOOT & SHOE WAREHOUSE ESTAB. FOUR GENERATIONS; below boot the mint name, STOKES MELB.

Edge Description


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