Medal issued to commemorate the tricentenary of Dampier's discovery of Western Australia. 100 struck in brass and given to customers who purchased shoes, $1 offered off further shoe purchase when returned.
Issue number 367 Type 139.
Mint: Hafner

Physical Description

A brass medal (32 mm diameter) featuring William Dampier and a the Armstrong Ford Truck commemorating 75 years of footwear service

Obverse Description

At centre within a circle of beads, a bust of Dampier facing 3/4 left with a small sailing ship in the field right; around on broad rim, AUSTRALIA'S TRICENTENARY 1988 . WILLIAM DAMPIER 1688 . in small letters below the bust the mint and artists name, HAFNER

Reverse Description

At centre a Ford truck with the word Ford incuse above the radiator and ARMSTRONG SHOE MART incuse on side; around above and below, ARMSTRONG SHOE MART * 70 WELLS ST. FRANKSTON * below truck, 75 YEARS / OF / FOOTWEAR / SERVICE, below front wheel the mint and artist's name, HAFNER

Edge Description


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