20 struck in brass and given to customers who purchased shoes. A $2 discount given if returned on the occasion of a further purchase. This piece is called a mule by Armstrong, but may have been a joint promotion between the two shoe shops.
Issue number 217 Type 54.
Artist: Hafner.
Mint: Brim.

Physical Description

A brass medal (32 mm diameter) featuring a bust of Ian Armstrong, facing front, and the Hall's of Toorak shoe-shine boy reverse.

Obverse Description

At centre a bust of Ian Armstrong facing 3/4 right wearing glasses around, ARMSTRONG SHOE MART. SHOEX * 70 WELLS ST. FRANKSTON * (the * stops are in the form of penny-farthing bicycles); around above in second row, LOOK AT YOUR SHOES OTHERS DO; across bust, IAN M.L. ARMSTRONG / 1984

Reverse Description

Shoeshine boy kneeling facing left cleaning left shoe of Gentleman wearing top hat with cane under arm who stands facing right with left foot on box, in exergue, SHOES; around on broad rim defined by a line circle 23 mm diameter, .HALL'S OF TOORAK . 484 TOORAK ROAD TOORAK VILLAGE

Edge Description


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