The image probably depicts an early demonstration or field trial of McKay harvesters that was held at the 'Pine Hill' property of Wm. Anderson, near Moama, New South Wales, on Tuesday 14th December 1886. A subsequent report of the event published by The Elmore Standard, on 24th December 1886, described the demonstration as follows:
"There were two machines at work, their first attempt being on a self-sown crop, and the second on an even crop of about 20 bushells to the acre, in which they gave general satisfaction. The soil was a sandy loam, and heavy for travelling, and was much against quick work."
The reporter also commented that:
"During the afternoon Mr. Allan(?), Photographer, of Elmore, took an excellent picture of the machines and groups of spectators standing about. A large number of 10 in. x 15 in. copies have been sold and no doubt Mr. Alan(?) will gain in popularity and business, his work being really first class."

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A line drawing showing two early Model horse-drawn strippers being demonstrated in the field. These have been modified (into harvesters) by the addition of a winnower and elevator (in the rear of the machine) and bagging-off equipment.

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