Image taken by A.J. Campbell in preparation for his definitive work, 'Nests and Eggs of Australian Birds including the Geographical Distribution of the Species and Popular Observations Thereon', published by Pawson & Brailsford, Sheffield, England in 1900. This particular image was featured as Plate 8, where Campbell notes 'Nest - Cup-shaped, neat and symmetrical, with narrow but well-built sides, composed of dried grass or fine shreds of bark, felted outwardly with spiders' webs, some of the webs being worked round and underneath the fork or branch on which the nest is placed; lined inside with finer grass, a few fibrous rootlets, feathers, hair, &c., and usually situated on the dead portion of a low horizontal branch a few feet from the ground, more frequently above water. Dimensions over all, 2 ¥ inches by 1 ¥ inches in depth; egg cavity, 2 ¢ inches across by 1 ¢ inches deep.'

Description of Content

Nest containing three eggs.

Physical Description

Black and white silver gelatin glass negative, half plate, portrait format

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